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Louie Louie Lyrics- the Sordid Truth

Louie Louie- a simple song written by Richard Berry, it was very much like many
other enjoyable songs of its era, except for one small detail. The only
understandable words in the song were 'woah baby i gotta go', which vaguely
pointed to many things and left the rest of the song's lyrics up to debate- and
debate there is. Do the lyrics describe shocking and naughty behaviors that
forever altered the course of the nation's youth? Or perhaps they subliminally
sway America's millions of mindless plebians over to the totalitarian evils of
Communism. It is also entirely possible that they are not in a human language at
all- a sign for the Visitors from Beyond that our world is ripe for conquest.
The song was investigated by the FBI. Maybe it held top secrets, sung only for
the ears of a malicious spy. Since we at the Institute for the Stdy of the
Sociological Impact of Classic Rock believe that the very course of human
civilization itself can- and has been molded and twisted by songs, we have,
through long years of dedicated research, have finally exposed the shocking
truth from Louie Louie's lyrics. The meaning and purpose of these words is
painfully clear:

Fine little girl she waits for me
Me catch the ship for cross the sea
Me sail the ship all alone
Me never think me make it home

Refrain: Louie, Louie, me gotta go
Louie, Louie, me gotta go

Three nights and days me sail the sea
Me think of girl constantly
On the ship I dream she there
I smell the rose in her hair


Me see Jamaica moon above
It won't be long, me see my love,
I take her in my arms and then
Me tell her I never leave again


Now the horror is plain to everyone. I can only hope that you take action to
prevent this... dare I still call it a song? from causing any more harm to our
youth and our society.