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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it's a way of sending files across the Internet.

In order to do this, you need an FTP utility. Often, FTP clients are bundled with your Internet Service Provider package; if not, you can download one from the Internet. There are several good programs available, including freeware versions which we have listed here.

The rest of this page will serve as a "how-to" on connecting and using FTP as well as transferring, viewing and updating files. There's also information on what to do if you have any questions.

Connecting to GeoCities FTP
You will be submitting your files to:

The system will welcome you with "Connected to", pause, then prompt you.

In the User field, type your GeoCities membername and press enter.

In the Password field, type your GeoCities password and press enter.

Using FTP
If your FTP utility is working properly, when you connect to GeoCities, you will be directly accessing the directory containing your files. You will be able to see the files that are in your directory, delete them, rename them, download them and upload new files. To do this, you will need to familiarize yourself with some of the basic FTP commands.

For command-line FTP agents you can get a list of commands by typing help and pressing enter; for a definition of any single command, you can type
? commandname and press enter.

For GUI-based FTP agents, consult the normal help facility.

Transferring Files
Transfer your files exactly as you want them named. Be sure to transfer all non-text files (i.e. GIF, JPG, ZIP, etc.) using the binary or raw data option. Be sure not to choose the MacBinary option.

HTML and other text files may be transferred using the ASCII (text) option or in binary mode.

NOTE: If you try to upload more data than you have subscribed to, the FTP procedure will fail. Whenever a transfer fails, pay close attention to the error messages. Your FTP utility should display the message.

Supported File Types -- Newly Expanded List
We always keep a current list of supported file types. Support for additional file types can be requested.

FTP Clients

Windows FTP Clients
WS_FTP is recommended by GeoCities.
  • WS_FTP for Windows95 (497k)
  • WS_FTP for Windows 3.x (343k)

    Other Windows FTP clients include:

    Basic FTP
    WS_FTP32 (Windows NT)
    FTP Explorer
    Windows 95 FTP

    Macintosh FTP Clients
    Fetch is recommended by GeoCities.

    Other FTP Clients
    UNIX ftp
    LINUX ftp

    HTML Publishing Tools That Use FTP
    Many HTML publishing tools use FTP. Some commonly available Windows and Macintosh programs that are known to work with the new GeoCities FTP service are listed below.

    Windows HTML Publishing Tools That Use FTP
    Netscape Composer (part of Netscape Communicator 4.0 package)
    FrontPage Express (part of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 package)
    HotDog Pro

    You can also use the following programs, but make sure you read the important notes regarding each:

    Netscape Gold Editor-Publisher

    NOTE: You may not see files other than the ones placed on the site via this program.

    Mircosoft FrontPage 98

    NOTE: For this program, be sure to put a leading slash ("/") on all file paths. Also, FrontPage 98 creates subdirectories, which allow you to organize your Homestead more easily.

    Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard

    NOTE: For this program, be sure to put a leading slash ("/") on all file paths.

    Macintosh HTML Publishing Tools That Use FTP

    Claris Homepage 3.0
    Adobe PageMill 1.0 & 2.0

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Some Web publishing tools will only "see" pages and files that have been placed on the website using that tool.

    Viewing Your Page
    You can view your page by selecting the appropriate neighborhood directory and then selecting your Homestead address.

    Updating / Changing / Deleting Your Page
    You can upload, download, update and change your page by resubmitting the files via FTP, or by editing them with one of the Homepage Editors in the File Manager utility.
    If you have any questions about FTP'ing at GeoCities, you can usually find the answers you're looking for in our Forums. Login then go to the Help Forum and look for the FTP & Publishing Tools Forum.

    Another resource for GeoCities FTP information is this page from GeoPlus member anotherwin95.

    If you're still stumped, you can e-mail

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